Where we live

I believe genuinely participating in the community we live in is crucial to strengthening it’s future.

Next Step Professional Therapy is a part of the Sunshine Coast Community

NSPT is a very proud sponsor of SalTy Souls Legacy. SalTy Souls is a non-profit collective providing Surf Therapy programs for kids and teens to help with healing, connection and engagement.  Through their 6-week ‘Stand Tall’ Program the SalTy Souls team help young people explore the therapeutic and positive wellbeing benefits of surfing on the Sunshine Coast.

I know that when I see young people in the Stand Tall program they always have a smile on their face.

Community Support

Supporting Families on the Sunshine Coast

In partnership with a national children’s charity that champions educational equity, we offer free counselling services to local vulnerable children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These children might otherwise lack access to such support due to financial constraints.

Families on the Sunshine Coast