Counselling Styles

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On the internet there are piles of information describing different theories, models and approaches to counselling & psychotherapy. And, frankly, it can be confusing to sort through.

While there are different categories of counselling theories, over time, most professionals develop their own eclectic styles. Built from their professional experience therapists find the mix of approaches that fit with their own personality and life experience.

My core practice framework is a psychodynamic family focused attachment therapy.  A general goal of psychodynamic  therapy is to help clients gain insight into how current emotional and behavioural challenges can be driven by past experiences, especially in the context of a family system.  This framework applies equally well when working with individual clients or family groups.

In my 20 years of experience, and thousands of clients, this framework has proven to be reliable and effective for even the most complicated situations. Psychodynamic therapy has a robust evidence base.  It is known for long term improvements as well as continued improvement beyond the end of therapy.