Free Consultation

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What is a free consultation?

It is a scheduled time for a prospective client, carers and/or family to consult with a therapist about identified problems.  With this initial information potential strategies and realistic expectations can then be discussed. Consultations can be held in-person, via video or telephone.

Why do I offer a free consultation?

1. A chance for you to compare therapists and therapies.

All therapists are NOT the same. Therapy is, by nature, a mixture of science and art. The service a therapist provides will be influenced by their practice frameworks, education, professional experience, life experience and their own personality. 

2. There is no such thing as “free”.

This is true. It costs me money to do consultations. It may cost you time and money also. I began offering free consultations in 2001. I am confident it is an important first step in someone’s therapy journey.

3. My business is built on good client outcomes.

My business grows when clients and I create good outcomes together. I want to be sure that you and I have a reasonable chance of success. There are  issues and situations when it is unreasonable to expect a positive outcome. In these cases it is important to prevent perpetuating indirect harm from unrealistic expectations and avoid the negative effects of too much therapy (yes, there is such a thing as too much therapy).

4. Why don’t all therapists offer a free consultation?

I don’t know, but I think they should.

5. Do I need a consultation before I can start therapy with you?

Nope. Though, a quick chat on the phone is usually worth doing.