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NDIS Positive Behaviour Support

Next Step Professional Therapy is committed to delivering the most effective behaviour support outcomes for participants, family and carers. We are convinced that face-to-face support is the most effective approach. Face-to-face support provides more accurate communication, stronger relationships, quicker feedback and greater flexibility.

NDIS Counselling

Next Step Professional Therapy provides in-home specialist positive behaviour support & counselling in your home and community across the Sunshine Coast. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to families with complex needs. Our therapists are locals. We know the Sunshine Coast and value the lifestyle it offers all of us.

Specialist Positive Behaviour Support

Specialist Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a proactive approach to managing behaviour that focuses on teaching new skills, rewarding desirable behaviours and addressing underlying issues that may be causing trouble. It is based on the idea that all behaviours are a form of communication and that positive reinforcement is more effective than punishment in changing behaviour. PBS also emphasises the importance of creating and maintaining healthy relationships Positive behaviour support then benefits people by providing improved communication and social skills, decreased stress levels, improved learning and academic performance.

Positive behaviour support combined with psychotherapy is an evidence-based intervention for people with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and other challenges. The combination of  interventions creates a powerful approach to helping people understand and manage their behaviour, improve their communication skills, and develop healthy coping strategies.

Next Step Professional Therapy provides mobile Specialist Positive Behaviour Support across the Sunshine Coast. This mobile service can be especially important for individuals with complex issues, as the home environment can play a significant role in the development and maintenance of behaviours. Fully understanding the home environment creates a better foundation for an effective behaviour support plan and more robust training for carers. 

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy can help people process and work through difficult emotions. This can be done by working to gain insight into their problems, develop better coping skills, and learn healthier ways of thinking. In this way it can also help build stronger relationships and enhance their overall sense of wellbeing.

Therapy support provided in the participant’s home and community can be more reliable and effective. In-home support allows the therapist to better understand the individual’s environment and tailor treatment to their specific needs, in a truly person-centred model.

Many individuals feel more comfortable and at ease in their own home, which can help them open up and engage more fully in therapy. This can be particularly true for individuals who may be hesitant to attend therapy in a clinical setting. Finally, providing therapy in the client’s home can make therapy more accessible for individuals who may have transportation or mobility issues which tends to result in less missed appointments and more efficient use of available funds.

Next Step Professional Therapy

Next Step Professional Therapy offers the combination of experience & skills that can you produce the best outcomes. We know all of us can go through periods of time that we “off”.  There can be times we might not even know how we feel, we only know we don’t feel “good”. This is when getting the right help makes all the difference.

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