Are you looking for in-home NDIS counselling and psychotherapy on the Sunshine Coast?  Access to quality therapy is important because quality care provides quality outcomes.

While we often work through our own troubles, there are times the problems are more than we can deal with alone.  During those times we can keep trying and still feel stuck. 

Sometimes the potential within us can become become blocked, or hidden, for different reasons.  When this happens, it’s OK to look for help.  Though, the more complicated life has become, the more important it is to get the right help.  The right help will see through the complications and identify the potential.  The right help will work beside you to reach that potential.

NDIS Counselling on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Patrick, at Next Step Professional Therapy, provides NDIS in-home counselling and psychotherapy around the Sunshine Coast.  Patrick has extensive experience helping people through their struggles.  He will take the time to understand you, your struggles, and your goals.  Then, he’ll work with you toward those goals.

Next Step Professional Therapy assists participants by building self-knowledge, emotional acceptance, and personal insight.  In addition, Patrick can help participants during crisis, be complementary to psychological support and assist while waiting for psychology support.

To find out if Next Step is the right support for you contact Patrick for  a free in-home consultation.

The Sunshine Coast service area is within a 30-minute drive of Currimundi from Pelican Waters to Mt Coolum.   Including Glasshouse Mountains, Beerwah, Maleny, Caloundra, Maroochydore, and Nambour.  Contact Patrick to discuss participants outside of this area.

NDIS plans can provide access to in-home therapy supports under the Capacity Building Supports categories; Improved Daily Living, Improved Living Arrangements, Social and Community Participation, Improved relationships, & Health and Wellbeing.  To find out if your plan provides counselling  contact your support coordinator or plan manager. 

NDIS Therapy Supports

Next Step Professional Therapy provides in-home counselling and psychotherapy services, as NDIS Therapy Supports, on the Sunshine Coast.   While these two therapy options can be appear similar, there are distinct differences.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process of confidentially talking through your personal challenges with a professional.  A trained and experienced counsellor will help you clarify and explore challenges while also developing productive strategies and self-awareness.

NDIS Counselling Therapy Support Sunshine Coast Queensland

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is similar to counselling, with the addition of focusing on underlying causes for maladaptive behaviour & emotion patterns.  The evidence based psychodynamic psychotherapy approach increases your understanding of the impact from past circumstances on your present behaviours which can reduce, or eliminate, maladaptive patterns.  Effective psychotherapy  helps you by increasing your capacity to function, and improve well-being.

In Australia, psychotherapy is a specialisation that is effectively offered by counsellors, psychologists, or psychiatrists when they have additional training and experience as well as ongoing continued education and professional supervision.

Next Step Therapy Supports

Therapy has traditionally been provided in an office setting.  But, Next Step is focused on NDIS participants.  By definition participants will have a permanent disability  and a traditional office setting can be impracticable.  In addition, people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder or those impacted by trauma are often uncomfortable in an office.  Next Step provides NDIS therapy supports on the Sunshine Coast  in your home or other locations that are comfortable for the participant and ensure privacy.